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27 June 2017


The RFG countdown is on with over 200 proposed Sessions that have come in from around the globe providing a highly diverse program that will be delivered by geoscientists, industry professionals, students, educators, policy makers, and civil society.  The RFG 2018 looks very exciting and is rapidly coming together!

One of many highlights at the recently completed GAC-MAC 2017 conference in Kingston was a lecture by Ray Price, a renowned Canadian geologist, who has made numerous contributions to the understanding of the structure and tectonics of the North American Cordillera and produced extensive geological maps. Price’s lecture included an overview of the massive changes that occurred during his tenure at the Geological Survey of Canada, both in the effect of humans on planet Earth and in our understanding of fundamental Earth Sciences.

While the global population ballooned in the second half of the 20th century, geologists were rapidly making huge advances in understanding the forces at play in the Earth; from the cycling of rock deep into the mantle, to movements of continents, to climate change and understanding what makes a habitable planet.  The history highlights how much we need geoscience, particularly with the anticipated population growth over the next 30 years that will undoubtedly stress all physical and social systems.

Now is the time for Resources for Future Generations 2018—a conference anchored by Canadian and international leaders and innovators in all six key themes that will showcase advances in Earth Sciences, education, and innovation.

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