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April 29, 2015

It’s our favourite time of year when we award distinction and look forward to our Annual Meeting!  A great time to see old friends and to make new ones!

Announcing the GAC® National Award winners:

Logan Medal – Richard Grieve, Geological Survey of Canada

Ambrose Medal – Sandra Barr, Acadia University

Hutchison Medal – Murray Gingras, University of Alberta

Neale Medal – Nick Eyles, University of Toronto

Come to the GAC Luncheon (Tuesday, May 5th) to see the presentations of these prestigious awards.  Tickets for the Luncheon will NOT be sold online for the GAC Luncheon after TODAY and will not be sold onsite.  Please reserve them through the Registration system, even if you have already registered for the meeting.

Other National Award Winners are:

50-Year Member – David P. Gold, University Park, PA

Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award – Jesse Reimink of University of Alberta

Yves Fortier Earth Science Journalism Award – Margaret Munro of POSTMEDIA NEWS

CJES Best Paper Award – Mary Sanborn-Barrie, W.J. Davis, R.G. Berman, N. Rayner, T. Skulski and H. Sandeman

GAC’s Division and Section Awards for 2015

Canadian Geomorphology Research Group:

J. Ross Mackay Award – Nicole Couture of Geological Survey of Canada

Canadian Tectonics Group:

Jack Henderson Prize For best Ph.D. Thesis – Reid Staples of Simon Fraser University

Jack Henderson Prize for best M.Sc. Thesis – Tylor Ambrose of University of British Columbia

Dave Elliott Best Paper Prize – John Waldron, David Schofield, Brendan Murphy, and Chris Thomas

Volcanology and Igneous Petrology Division:

Leopold Gelinas Medal for Best Ph.D. thesis – Alexander Wills of University of New Brunswick

Leopold Gelinas Medal for Best M.Sc. thesis – Amy Ryan of University of British Columbia

Leopold Gelinas Medal for Best B.Sc. thesis – Douglas Nikkila of Lakehead University

Mineral Deposits Division:

Duncan R. Derry Medal – Doreen Ames, Geological Survey of Canada

William Harvey Gross Medal – Luke Ootes, Government of Northwest Territories

Howard Street Robinson Lecturer 2015-2016 – Stephen Piercey of Memorial University

The Mineral Deposits Division Luncheon will be held on Thursday, May 7th from 12:30 – 2:00 p.m.  Get your tickets online before April 30th or you will miss out!

Paleontology Division:

Billings Medal – Paul Smith of University of British Columbia


Certificate of Excellence – Arnaud Fontaine, INRS-ETE

For more information on all of these awards and to see their pics, please visit our website at:

Congratulations to all winners!

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April 28, 2015

The second issue of Geoscience Canada (2015), Volume 42, is published.

The Table of Contents (please click on link above) lists the following contributions:

  • The work and legacy of Eduard Suess by A.M. Celâl Şengör, p. 181–246
  • Investigation of paleoearthquakes in eastern Canada by Gregory R. Brooks, p. 247–261
  • Textural quantification of crystalline rocks by Michael Higgins, p. 263–270

Please visit the journal’s website at to view papers in the ARCHIVES or forthcoming articles IN PRESS or ACCEPTED.

Forthcoming articles include

  • Neoarchean mantle-derived magmatism in the Repulse Bay block, Nunavut, a contribution to the inaugural Andrew Hynes Tectonic Processes Series by C. LaFlamme, C.M.R. McFarlane, D. Corrigan
  • Transition metals in oceanic island basalts by J. Greenough and K. MacKenzie
  • Logan Medallist Series
  • Igneous Rock Associations Series
  • Education Matters

Thank you for your continuing interest and support of your Association’s flagship journal.

Please visit the journal’s website at to view papers in the ARCHIVES or forthcoming articles IN PRESS or ACCEPTED.

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