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March 24, 2015

GAC® announces its first GAC®-PDAC Logan Student Prize winners

The GAC®-PDAC Logan Student Prize (replacing the Logan Student Chapters and GAC® Book Prizes) is awarded annually to one undergraduate student at each CCCESD-member department.  The prize consists of a monetary award, one-year memberships in both GAC® and PDAC, and an electronic certificate affirming that the student won the Prize.

The intent is that undergraduate students who are selected for the prize should be academically sound, have good leadership skills (e.g. as they pertain to organizing field trips, geology club geo-events, etc.), and have done well at field school or otherwise show proficiency in field techniques.

We suggest to our Campus Representatives that the students be given the opportunity to nominate fellow undergraduate candidates for the award, but faculty ultimately chooses the winner from among those nominated.

The very first GAC®-PDAC Logan Student Prize Winners are listed on our website at:


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